Main Vehicle - BF 2000
Rear Flatbead - Tactical Battle Platform pivoting dock
Missles - Tactical Battle Platform.
Side missles are mounted with a modified Tacticle Battle Platform mount.

Scrap-iron is aging but loves what he does for Cobra. When he got a severe knee injury on a mission he was told that his fighting days were over. That didn't "sit" well with him so he went to Destro. Destro was very busy with his Iron Grenadiers equipment so he went outside of his MARS company to his secretly owned Governmental Contract Co., GCC Inc. This is the company that designed most of the GI JOE vehicles. There is a lot of conspiracy about how GCC gets the contracts to manufacture, but it's been said that the Jugglers have much to do with the approvals.

Anyways, Destro got the designs of the Battle Force vehicle and long range missiles from the Tactical Battle Platform, then presented his idea to Scrap-Iron. Destro hoped that this plan would go better then the billions of dollars lost by GCC on the terrible Battle Force vehicles. If Scrap-Iron approved this could be a new vehicle to market to Cobra Commander. As of late the vehicle is still under field testing by Scrap-Iron...

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