1987 Persuader Body
198? Mobat Turret
200? Fang III Missile Launcher

After the 1994 disbandment, most of the GI Joe vehicles were to be mothballed. Extensive Enterprises, in collaboration with MARS, sensing all the potential money that could be made stepped in and purchased as much Joe equipment as possible. They would then ship the equipment to MARS facilities around the world, where MARS' top engineers and designers would reverse engineer and then improve on the designs.

One of the vehicles to come out of the MARS/ Extensive Enterprises development was the Fast Attack Tanks (FATs). This vehicle can strike the toughest of opponents down, and continue on down the road at blazing speed. While preliminarily designed more as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which would work side by side with other vehicles and ground troops, given its superior abilities to act as an anti-tank vehicle, has allowed MARS to market this vehicle as a tank. Its 130 mm smoothbore cannon gives it enough knockout power to take down anyone or anything on the battlefield. Its advanced computer targeting system allows it to fire on the run. Its self-loading mechanism allowed for a crew of only two, consisting of a driver and Gunner/ tank commander. Its wheeled design allows for it to travel at high rates of speed on roads; while this can't be matched on cross-country movements, it is still a formidable opponent regardless of where it chooses to fight. It also comes equipped with a .50 cal machine gun, as well as an anti-air missile system for self-defense purposes.

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