- Dreadnok Thunder Machine
- Stinger Hood, Rear Seats & Roll Bars
- Triple-T Grille
- Water Moccasin Engine Cover
- Cobra Hydrofoil Engine & Skirts
- Mauler Wheels

In an effort to win the military's approval under the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle program, Lamborghini developed their original Cheetah LMA-001 (from which the VAMP is based.) However, there were some design flaws that presented themselves during testing. The rear-engine layout of the LMA-001 led itself to undesireable off-road handling characteristics, and the interior space was limited. Lamborghini addressed these concerns with the redesigned LMA-002.

The rear section seats and roll-bar are removable, allowing for the Cheetah LMA-002 to be reconfigured for the mission needs.

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