Main chassis and undercarriage (painted tan and olive drab): 86' Thunder machine, heavily modified by removing front section, beyond axles, and rear details. Front section (including black vents and push bar): 89' Tiger Sting, cut off of rest of Tiger Sting body. Winch assembly: 89' Tiger Sting, cut away and shaped to fit against Thunder Machine frame. Front bumper: 83' Headquarters, floor panel, cut down in miter box. Rear platform/ hatch cover: 83' Headquarters, floor panel, cut down in miter box. Rollbar and rear vertical supports: 89' Tiger Sting, cut away and modified to fit. Steering wheel: 90' Hammer. Minigun magazine (behind seats): 82' RAM, side gun. The minigun is scratchbuilt from a collection of parts, such as: 82' RAM side gun barrel; CORPS tank gun receiver; 84' ASP blast shield; CORPS gun barrel; 82' VAMP gun mount. Minigun bullet chain: 86' Thunder Machine. Side mounted M-60: 82' Rock'n Roll. Mounting bracket: from cut away piece of Thunder Machine. Decals: (A.W.E. Striker 85').

The Coyote FAV4 was a test prototype, submitted for consideration by Joe brass in the years shortly before the adoption of the Hammer, when a replacement was being sought for the aging VAMPs (which, by the way, were retained, and, in many cases, improved by the team). Though it was never adopted as a standard operational vehicle, Joe Team U.S.A. bought small numbers of Coyotes to serve alongside VAMPs in the field. They were primarily utilized, however (and still are), to maintain security around the vast perimeters of G.I. Joes many installations: a task to which they are perfectly suited, due to their higher top speed, increased stowage capacity, and the superior anti-personnel firepower of the minigun.

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