All: Movie Ant-Man flying ant with fur added.

''On the distant planet Symbion™, a genetic experiment fails. Frightening changes take place that cannot be stopped. The result-a world where insetcts grow to frightening proportions. A world where the inhabitants have taken on the awesome characteristics of insects. Where the noble citizens of the Shining Realm are locked in mortal combat with the denizens of the Dark Domain. Telepathically bonded (telebonded) in combat, Sectaur Warriors join with their insect companions in the ultimate battle for survival.''- Text from original Sectaurs catalog

Sectaurs was a short-lived toy line released by Coleco in 1985. It also had a 5-part cartoon mini-series. Unfortunately, due to high cost and a glut of existing toy properties like Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe already dominating toy shelves, Sectaurs did not make it past series 2.

The toys themselves were awesome, sporting a ton of articulation and some innovative features. I never had the toys, but I distinctly remember the giant bug puppet that was Dragonflyer.

For my custom, I wanted to reproduce Dargon and his steed. Thanks to Dusty79 for donating the Ant-Man flying ant. The metallic blue is a new type of paint that I tried out: Model Master lacquer. I was not sure that the lacquer would adhere to the ant's soft plastic, so I started with two coats of acrylic primer first and everything was smooth sailing.

In my Joeverse, Sectaurs are a result of Mindbender's venomization process.

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