Body: Cobra Night Attack 4wd Stinger
Hood: Random scrap plastic
Retractable roof: Parka material and metal from hanger
Front window shield,side cabin shields, front tire shields and rear rollcage: Dreadnok Thunder Machine
Frontend Shield: Bomb Disposal vehicle
Rear Tire shields: Custom made from PLANO shelf
Rear bumper: Custom made from Triple T Tank parts
Drivers gun: Triple T Tank
Passenger gun: AWE Striker
Main gun: 25th Anniversary VAMP
Storage boxes: PTE
Backpacks: 25th A Gung-Ho
Bedroll: 25thA VAMP
Fuel cans and carriage: 25thA VAMP
Headlights: Sky Sweeper Anti Aircraft Tank (modified)
Roof foglights: Sky Sweeper Anti Aircraft Tank
Spare tire: Unknown source

The vehicle was mostly created because I had a Stinger that I had stripped (parts used for the 25th Anniversary Vamp to Stinger conversion) and wanted to create something different. Truthfully, I had begun this custom before the DeathRace movie was even released, but afterwards my friends all said that it would fit in. The paint job was a combination of chrome spray paint with black airbrushed over and (while still wet) I pulled the paint through each other with paper towel, giving the vehicle a battered brushed steel look. I made the roof out of cloth (parka material) so that it can be moved forward and back, making it retractable.

There is no alliance for the vehicle but it has a MadMax/ Dreadnok look.

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