Entire vehicle:

Chap Mei Bad Guyz Monster-truck

Demolishor has only one passion in life: demolition. And the greater the demolishing can be achieved, the better he likes it. So it is not strange that you can find him participating in demolition derbies with monster-trucks. Behind the wheel of his own monster-truck, "The Demolition", is where he feels most invincible, and needless to say: the most dangerous!

When the Dreadnoks rides up against the G.I.Joe, Demolishor is best known for challenging his foes with chicken races, (without actually asking), and most of the time he always claims victory. Demolishor loves feeling the vehicles being crushed under his monster-wheels, it gives him just the kind of rush he needs to overcome his otherwise constant boredom and restlessness of which he is known for. Unfortunately that adrenaline-rush tends to cloud his sense of good judgment: once he's finished with one enemy vehicle, he drives off to squash the next - and if there happens to be Cobra vehicles standing in between, he'll run over them as well. He never bothers to go around.

The D.D.T. is not only equipped with the biggest monster-wheels Demolishor could find, which allows him to cross almost any terrain: it has also a four-turreted machine-gun, loaded with armor-piercing shells, mounted in the back of the truck and a thick shield in front that will knock down many kinds of structures. And for the sake of polluting the atmosphere: its engine is of one of the noisiest and exhaust-spewing constructions that has been deemed outlawed since the use of gasoline came to be - just like Demolishor wants it.

Personal comments:

It is not easy adding vehicles to the Dreadnoks, but I do feel a great success with this one! It was quite a task taking it apart and painting it, (it was all black from the start), and then putting it back together again - but the result was its own reward and well worth the job. I think the pictures give you the idea of what I am talking about.

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