Power Team Elite Hornet, custom Jolly Rogers Cobrastickers, RayD workshop decals, black paint, panel lining and weathering markers

After acquiring the 30th anniversary Skystriker, I wanted a squadron mate for my F-14, and so I finally bought a Power Team Elite F/A 18 Hornet. In order to make the two more closely resemble each other, I painted the tailfins and nose of the Hornet in black, to match the Skystriker. I then applied the yellow and black scheme Skystriker stickers to both jets in similar areas, and after acquiring the Cobrastickers Jolly Rogers stickers, applied them in a similar fashion. The final touch was acquiring RayD workshop Jolly Rogers decals for the tailfins, and panel lining the Hornet with a gray Gundam marker. It is not of course 100% accurate, but is instead a mixed Skystriker/Jolly Rogers homage.

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