Main body, turret and canopy: ARAH Septic Tank
Cannon: ARAH Cobra Jet Pack

In 2008, when the 25th anniversary line was in full swing, Hasbro released the first 7-packs. These two sets had Cobra troops repainted into desert and arctic colors. I liked the idea and concept quite a bit even if some of the figures were not as well executed (but I digress). I would have liked the series to continue with other environments like jungle, aquatic, etc.

To help fill this void, I created my own Cobra urban assault squad. It consisted of 7 figures: Chem-Viper, HISS Driver, HISS Gunner, Cobra Officer, Crimson Guard, Cobra Viper and Firefly (25th Comic Pack version). To complete the set, I repainted a HISS in urban camouflage colors and added the armored canopy.

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