Hiss IV and an Ultimate Soldier M134 Minigun set.

Among the complaints about the HISS IV was one that really irked me, it's poor armament. I could deal with the stupid head/cockpit gimmick and the useless troop compartment at the rear but this thing was woefully under armed. At first I tried to justify it by turning it into a mobile strategy center (I added some antennas and sensors using the extra sound attack slots), then considered finding or getting casts made of the NAC's weapons to beef it up. Then it happened, was browsing through a K-Mart on the verge of closure and found the multi-barreled wonder you see. In fitting the ammo box and weapon to the turret I also took the opporotunity to add some extra protection for the gunner. It's not quite perfected, but it has served to make the HISS IV something I use rather than laugh at.

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