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Mudbuster main body
Battle Wagon missiles (smokestacks)
Star Wars E-web cannon (modified conector)

Mean dog and Drednok cycle decals

Driver: Wild Orchid

The Pit Bull was a Joe Mudbuster that was lost in a failed operation to ferret out the drednoks after they had raided an Army weapons depot. The 'knock's later found it stuck in a bog, and hauled it in. Wild Orchid, along with Monkeywrench, Mad dog, and Road Pig worked to overhaul it, even mounting it with an experimental weapon they "found" on their raid, a "Hellblazer" 60 MM auto-load, automatic cannon. A new coat of paint and the Pit Bull was born.

The first custom I ever used spray paint on, I think I may have gotten a little carried away in some areas, some of the tires won't roll freely, and the battering ram doesn't work period. If you'll notice, the JOE symbol in the flatbed was crossed off, I ment it to look like the knocks took a can of spraypaint to it.

Picture taken on my mom's deck. would have had a more scenic locale, but it was really freaking cold out that day. ;)

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