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PMP 600 is a Maistro's 1:18th PLAYERS Chrysler 300
PCJ 600 is a 1:18th Ducati
Box art is photos downloaded from internet sources and photo shopped.
Niko Bellic:
Head: Downtown (modified)
Torso: Countdown (modified)
Arms: Dogfight
Waist: Gung-Ho v1
Legs: Action Marine

Weapons display: hexagon wheel custom made with package material from GI Joe comic two pack, coffee stir straw, and plastic coated twist tie. Wheel turns with an external handle.
Fist: Grand Slam (right hand cutoff)
Knife: 25thA Cobra Soldier
Pistol: Beachhead '03
Shotgun: BBI
AK-47: BBI
Grenade: Frag-Viper
Cellphone: Unknown

Niko Bellic is the star of Rockstar's newest Grand Theft Auto videogame, GTA 4. He has done some very bad things in his past and now, in Liberty City, he tries to turn his life around. Unfortunately, because of his cousin Roman, he is constantly getting wrapped up in shady deals, criminals, and other nefarious characters.

Rockstar designers had created a completely immense world within Liberty City. Its layout is rendered after New York City and surrounding boroughs.

This is my third Grand Theft Auto character custom, I've made. The first was Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City (who I have not diplayed yet). The second is Carl "CJ" Johnson from GTA San Andreas, who is posted along with the Broadway & BMX bike. In this set, I put Niko along with a PMP 600 (Chrysler 300) and a PCJ 600 ( Ducati motorbike). I also created a rotating weapon tier that similates the weapon display in the game. The tier is turnable using a loopknob on the outside of the box.

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