25th Ram
Power Of The Force Sandtrooper Backpack

I was really happy to get the RAM. I really liked the visible handlebars, and like how the figure could hold on better.

Until I realized how UN-actionlike any figure riding it looked. Sitting straight up and down like he was cruising in a parade or something. I finally grew a pair and just hacked the handlebars off with my exacto knife and then dremeled the hole clear of the remaining plastic. The front fork "mechanism" is down further inside so you can get a pretty deep hole without damaging anything. Or I just got lucky.

I started dumping out huge sterilite bins full of old joes and star wars figures looking for something to use to cover up or shove into the hole. I knew whatever I found I would be annoyed because I wouldn't have enough to do more RAMS, say another 4 or 5 that I want to get at some point.

I first cut a rectangular panel off of the back of the sandtrooper backpack to use as a dashboard, but then went back to my original "gas cap" idea. Yes it already has one, but so what? It's hard to see. I just cut this "moisture collector cup" thing off the bottom of the backpack. I shoved the grey, painted part into the hole and sanded the visible black peice smooth.

Didn't even have to glue it in. It's stuck in pretty tight, but If some better idea comes along I can still undo it. For now at least I don't have to look at those big easy rider handlebars sticking up over the fairing and throwing off the look of the bike. The figures look a lot better riding the thing and it actually looks like they're moving fast instead of just idling at a stop light.

Now I need to go buy a bunch of ugly POTF Sandtroopers just to cut one tiny peice off to use. Yay.

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