Main chassis, painted drab tan: 1980's plastic army man tank, which happens to be the same size as the MOBAT . . . and, therefore, perfect for 3 3/4 inch figures. Molded figure is cut out of turret, inside hatch, creating space for a G.I. Joe figure. Plus, rear hatch opens. Machine Gun: 86' Roadblock. Antenna: CORPS whip. Decals: 09' PIT Mobile Headquarters.

The Sandstorm XM48A1 is the main battle tank of Joe Team Canada (JTC). An advanced design, it rivals Joe Team U.S.A.'s Mauler in many ways, especially in terms of strength of armor, speed, operational flexibility, and target acquisition. However, its 98mm cannon packs significantly less punch than the 125mm gun of the Mauler. Even so, JTC feels that this is made up for by an increase in operational longevity due, in part, to an increased magazine capacity. JTC is quite fond of its rugged MBT and plans to employ it for many years to come. Each sandstorm is also equipped with an L7A2 7.62 NATO machine gun.

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