Main Chassis: Corps Tank, painted Olive Drab. Seats, bumper rail, and blast hatch: 88' Warthog. Antenna: 83' Headquarters. Tiedowns: 84' Wolverine. Decals: "OG Classic Set" 1 and 3, Corps Tank, and 88' Warthog.

The SPA3S11OG Hocopor, or Rhinoceros, is a monstrous machine, and is, in many ways, the epitome of what modern mobile artillery has become. It is versatile, super tough, and reliable, and its designers did not hesitate to fit it with the latest technology. Each Hocopor carries two 12.7mm NSVT anti-aircraft machine guns, for neutralizing air or ground threats in a hurry, as well as four 9K63 Kope (Javelin) G-A/G-G rockets, and five TOF4 Webwehb (Hornet) anti-personnel rockets for defense. The main weapon, the 152mm 2B64, is time tested and battle proven, and can fire a variety of ordnance types, such as: HE, HEAT-FS, HE-BB, HERA, smoke, chemical, tactical nuclear, and ICM munitions, as well as the new laser guided "Krasnopol" and "Krasnopol-M" rounds. The Hocopor has automated fire control and can achieve an astonishing 8 to 10 rpm rate of fire for sustained periods. And, with a magazine capacity of 85 rounds, a maximum operational range of no less than 500km, and ordnance ranges of 29-36km (18-22 mi), it can really reach out and touch someone.

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