Main vehicle- 1991 Cobra Ice Saber
Wheels, forks and missile pod- Mega Bloks transforming motor cycle set.
Paint- Krylon Mega flat Camo plastic paint, black, tan and green. Testors model paints.
Decals- Unknown, probably a gundam model kit.

The Ice Saber was one of my favorite vehicles as such it did not survive my rigorous playing with it. Originally I was going to build a flying vehicle but had a flash of inspiration and opted for a large motorcycle like tank. This is my first submission of a custom; was quite fun to build and paint and I'm glad to be able to share it with fans of GIJoe.

Now the Bio:

The Sardaukar are an elite and deadly sub group of vipers, there are very few and they are used primarily for stealth and covert operations. They are equiped with the most advanced and sometimes experimental weapons and vehicles.

The Blade is a high speed attack vehicle built to traverse various types of terrain, from urban war zones to desert highlands. It can be piloted by up to three, but one highly skilled Sardaukar Viper is often enough, and can carry six troops into battle. Feared on the battle field for its speed and destructive ability, the Sardaukar Blade.

** The Sardaukar name comes from the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert and is my tribute to one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time.

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