Crimson HISS body
Cast Gatling gun barrels
Wings and tail from Avengers Quinjet
Missiles from Cobra Mamba
Engine from Anakin podracer
Landing gear from Conquest X-30
Various bits of fodder for tech detail

This was made for the PHX Customs Resurgence 2 project.

The latest HISS tank from Hasbro has been made into an airframe many times. I have seen VTOL craft, helicopters, and jets and it seems to work well in any aircraft setup. I really wanted to make my own version and make it a formidable attack jet. I had an Avengers Quinjet that I took the wings and tail from and fused them onto the HISS tank base. An old Conquest provided the landing gear and then I added some bits and pieces for weapons and tech detail. I thought it looked like a vampire bat with the nose guns being fangs, so the name came from trying to blend the Firebat name into vampire bat. The Vector-Viper was made for this plane and is my idea of a futuristic Cobra pilot.

Box art by Sam Panico

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