Sonic Boom Tank
Mean Dog missile turents

Stickers from Desert Striker and Guncannon model kit.

Was inspired for this one upon seeing a 6 dollar Sonic boom tank at a local Antique mall. To mount the batteries on the gun turrent, I shaved off the sides around the plastic conectors for the mean dog, then carefully drilled holes to match the pegs on the top, and after drilling a hole in the side of the batteries I was set, but that was back in 00.

Reccently stuck spare stickers from some Gundam kits and a Desert Striker to spiff it up, and back on the 4th took pictures of it down on the farm. Unfortunately the turrents are a little uneven, but it still looks nice.

Its driver is a yet unnamed custom I threw together as its pilot...again about 2 years ago....

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