True Heroes F-22 Raptor 1/18
GI Joe 25th Ace Figure
Tamiya Matt White, Semigloss Black Spray
Fine Point Sharpie & Gundam Marker
Tamiya Bottled Acrylic Paints for detailing
Stickers from 334th Joe Company

What an awesome "generic" toy, this F-22 Raptor! The aircraft was originally molded in black--a poor choice, really, as there was a lot of detail put into it obscured by the black plastic. Extensive panel lines, opening landing gear bays, and you can even see the engine turbines through the vector thrust panels in the rear.

I decided to turn it into an updated SkyStriker! Whether this is simply Ace's latest bird (after the orginal F-14), or part of a revisionist take on GI Joe for the modern era, I gave this F-22 the signature Joe paint scheme. The body is Tamiya Matt White, the tail fins painted black to match early photos of the original SkyStriker prototype in 1983. I then filled in the panel lines with a sharpie and Gundam marker, and added aftermarket decals to complete the look. I kept the pylons underneath the wings and painted the missiles camouflage grey.

The designation of this aircraft is XF-22, inspired by the experimental or modified versions of real world vehicles used by GI Joe in the early days of the RAH toys.

And yes, 25th Ace fits in there perfectly!

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