Dollar store jet LBC/ gloss white,flat black,yellow spray paint/ computer gen stickers

When the F-14 that the original Sky striker was based on was taken out of service Ace knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to lose his baby.

Ace says, "I didn't know what was gonna happen, if i was gonna be transferred to a regular unit or if they were gonna slip me one of Slipstreams used Conquests. Then Hawk came to me and told me to hitch a ride with Wild Bill down to Mcguire Air Force base to pick up my new piece. I miss the old platform, don't get me wrong, but this new version is a beast that handles like a dream. I have put this jet in situations I never would have put the original and always come out smiling."

Top Speed/ mach 2.9

Range/ combat radius of 1700 miles

Armament/ 6x20mm internally wing mounted cannons

Ordnance/ 4x laser,radar guided cluster bombs/2x Phoenix air to air missiles

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