SW Swoop Bike (Shadows of the Empire)

Windshield: Acrylic Storage Case Divider modded with waterslide decals and transparent paint.

Dashboard - Styrene, bits from Commander Gree back pack/radio, and other kibble, plus apoxie.

Gas tank/"trunk": from a 25a Firefly figure.

After years of turmoil, the Davidson-Mars company finally created a generation changing vehicle befitting their heritage. The "Hopper" is a durable and versatile airbike which has transformed virtually every aspect of life throughout the universe.

Affordable and durable personal transport devices became a thing of the past on most worlds milennia earlier. Once man began to overtake the stars, glorified feudalism reigned supreme once more, and only the wealthy nobles had such luxuries at their regular disposal. The Hopper, however, has started to change that.

The basic manufacturing system involves the same core vehicle (without regard to how it will later be modified and outfitted), and the operating system contains a minimal amount of moving parts. The engine is virtually maintenance free, and the fuel cell system requires charging only once per year, on average.

The cheap cost to build combined with the cheap cost to drive has rendered the machine readily attainable throughout the galaxy.

Today, Hoppers are used by Police Forces, Militaries, Explorers* and Couriers on virtually every inhabited planet in the galaxy. And Davidson-Mars distributors are capable of outfitting each bike (within certain parameters) to fit a specific purpose. Military Hoppers, for instance, are almost always painted green, but carry multiple additional ports for add on weaponry (and the resultant appearance has resulted in these vehicles being called "Grass-Hoppers").

Hopper Racing is a fast growing commercial sport throughout the populated realms as well.

And, to be fair, it should be noted that, as with most things, the Hoppers are often put to use by criminals as well, and most every populated world has more than one "Hopper Gang" to contend with, given the popularity and functionality of the device.

*The Hopper pictured is an Explorer model, which ships with a longer life fuel cell, geo-thermal wind screen, high powered sensors, and additional storage over the standard model. The computer/dashboard integration of this model was a custom addition by the end-user and is not recommended by the manufacturer.

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