I used the Playmobil TOP AGENTS 4878 Robo Gang Truck as the Basis.

I had also bought the TOP AGENTS 4856 R/C add-on set to convert it into a R/C vehicle.

Lastly, I purchased the TOP AGENTS 4879 Spy Camera Set to add to the fun and uniqueness of it.

I added a lot to the custom.

1. Mounted .50 Cal on the top.
2. Added Protective Shielding for the Gunner up top.
3. Mounted Fuel Cans on the side.
4. Uparmor on the center of the Hood.
5. Uparmor on the windows.
6. Extra Tire mounted on the Back.
7. VAMP II decals that I just ordered from cobrastickers.
8. Mouned .50 Cal on the Hood.
9. Add an Exhaust Pipe.
10. Add Trim around the vehicle.

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