Main Chassis: Star Wars POTF2 Speeder Bike
Front Skis: Polar Battle Bear V1
Rear Skis: Cobra Wolf V1
Stowage: 1/18th Ertl Suzuki Eiger 400 Rear Rack
Seat Backrest: Indiana Jones The Last Crusade motorcycle
Handlebars: Maisto 1:18th Motorcycle Handlebars
Fog Lights: A.W.E. Striker V1
Mines: Blowtorch V4
Decals: Cobra

When Zartan designed the first swamp skier known as the Chameleon he wanted a small light weight vehicle that could maneuver the often narrow waterways of the Florida Everglades. The Basilisk is Zartan's replacement for the Chameleon. The name "Basilisk" was chosen from the small lizard capable of "running on water". The original swamp skier was uncomfortable to operate and hard to control because of its narrow base. The Chameleon also depended on speed from its micro-jet engine to keep it afloat, this required a lot of fuel. The Basilisk was designed with larger skis to give it surface area for greater displacement. This allows the Mantis H250 Turbojet engine to less fuel. The rider is also placed in a more natural sitting position which allows for better visibility. The Basilisk has no offensive weapons, only 2 "Bullfrog" nautical surface mines for defense.

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