Skysweeper Lightbar
Air Chariot gun
Cobra Jet Pack control panel
Repro Night Boomer stickers from rattlerrepros.com
Rustolium white plastic primer spray paint
Krylon Fusion satin black spray paint
Hot glue gun

The HAVOC has always been one of my favorite vehicles despite it's many flaws. I wanted to make a custom that corrected those flaws and still fit in as if it were an original GIJoe vehicle. One of the flaws, the orange parts, ended up making it work perfectly for Night Force. It also had many gray parts so the color pattern was perfect. All it needed was the green to change to black.

Another major flaw was the prone position, over exposed cockpit. I fixed that by cutting an opening in the top to make it more like a tank hatch, and painting over it to represent solid armor.

Finally I had an extra broken front gun and just added it to the top as part of an advanced surveillance package.

I envision the top side seat as only being used during static recon. It can raise up over a hillside or other obstacle to give someone like Sneak Peak a direct line of site to the enemy without exposing the rest of the vehicle. During combat, everyone is inside and protected.

I am really happy with the way this custom turned out. It actually exceeded my own expectations.

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