This is the PTE Amphibian purchased at Big Lots
I swapped out the handle bars with a greeble (actually I think it's a piece from a modelling tool more than from a kit). Then painted it up.

The Scuba Sled in the back is an Animal Planet (Chap Mei) accessory.

Custom Waterslides were used for all decals.

My "New Adventure Team" is a sub-group of my EXCAL verse, where I am depositing most of my modern day adventurer types, along with a handful of original characters.

The Commander of this team is Joe Colton, Jr., with the emphasis on Jr. His kid sister Jane is also on the team.

The classic AT 6-wheeler is one of those vehicles that brings on immediate nostalgia for me. I'm not quite old enough to have had the original AT stuff for myself, but my older brother did, and the beat up hand-me-down remnants I got were enough to inspire the imagination. Like many other customizers, this new 8-wheeler by PTE seemed a fitting base for an updated version.

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