Cobra Firebat



The Black Phoenix was a Cobra Firebat salvaged by arms dealers from battle field wreckage and was bought by a wealthy industrialist in the black market. No one knows who owns the Black Phoenix, but it has been a sign of hope for government troops each time it appears in the sky. The Black Phoenix provides aerial firepower to help government troops win the battle against enemies of the state. When the fight is over, the Black Phoenix quickly vanishes out of sight. Even though the Black Phoenix has helped government troops numerous times, it is still considered a rogue aircraft that violated federal laws. But since the Black Phoenix has stealth and VTOL capabilities, whoever would try to hunt it down will surely have a hard time.


Little is known about the Black Phoenix pilot. It was speculated that the pilot may have a background in air force and or trained as an aerial stunt pilot because of the superb skills that the pilot shows in maneuvering the Black Phoenix in rapid motion in the sky.

Few months after the stories of the Black Phoenix circulated, the Black Phoenix landed for the first time in enemy territory, heeding a distress call of government troops in need of medical supplies which the pilot of the Black Phoenix provided. For the first time, the government troops made contact with the Black Phoenix pilot, and the pilot's a woman with purple-dyed short hair wearing skin tight black leather. The Troops asked for a name. The pilot paused for a few seconds and replied, "You guys can call me, Wildfire", and winked at the troops. Then she turned her back, jumped aboard the Black Phoenix and flew. The accent sounds Asian, but the ass is undeniably a work crafted by the gods.

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