Funskool MRF Racing Jeep
1/18 diecast police car light bar
30th Lifeline case
modified POC Vamp antenna
POC Vamp steering wheel
2 Renegades Tunnel Rat backpacks
various 1/18 police car model gadgets
various stickers

This is one of those Funskool Vamps that I picked up on the cheap and had no idea what to do with until I saw drbindy do a red 6 wheel thing for his AT project. So, hat tip drbindy. It was pretty easy. Just cleaned it up, did some decal work and painting, glued on some interesting details and here it is. It's a nice little vehicle for my modern AT member I call Medic.

Unfortunately, modern figures will not fit in this vehicle, but it makes a nice display anyway.

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