Real door hinge.. 10 cents
Chap Mei MP Van.. $9
The result of 4 nights without sleep = ALPHA ONE... PRICELESS!!!

"What's a SWAT Team without a SWAT Van?"

Here's my very own SWAT van to complement my SWAT Team Alpha.

Made this by modifying the back door of the Chap Mei MP van by cutting it off using my good ole cutter. Inserted a real door hinge afterwards in order to have a working door that swings out and in. Other modifications would include spraypainting it with a shiny black finish as well as sticking some "SWAT" decals from sticker paper letter cutouts.

Credit goes out to my wife Rosette and my baby girl Dylan Rose Alexis for inspiring me and providing me moral support. Much love goes out to my mom (Doc Ruby) for her valuable input in making this van a reality. And of course, big ups to my main man JM for the tips and tricks in making this van have a more realistic feel.

Peace out from the Philippines....WORD!!! =)

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