All: Ret Fangboat

This was one of the vehicles created for Battle Corps Month, my attempt to recreate the Battle Corps line from the '90s in ME format.

Although the 1992 to 1995 years offered some interesting figures, they did not produce many memorable vehicles. Aside from the Star Brigade Armor Bot, there were few others, in my opinion. The overall quality of the vehicles was reduced. Plastic was cheaper, the proportions were chunkier and the colors were garish.

Despite this, the Shark 9000 is a decent vehicle for its time. It had a ton of play features including missile launchers and mines and could carry several Joes. It is nowhere near the level of excellence of say, the Whale, but for the time, it was not completely bad.

A few months ago, a fellow Joe fan contacted me about painting some vehicles for him. One of his ideas was to take the retaliation Fangboat and painting on the Shark 9000's colors to make a modern version. I was intrigued and I took the commission. This is the result.

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