This is a fully hand made item of all original parts. The glider is made of high grade plastic with stickers, cast parts, and airbrushed.

The Viper Prototype glider is Cobra's first attempt at to combat G.I.Joe's Falcon. It carries 1 pilot and was designed to be more agile than the Falcon.

This glider was created after the original commercial that advertised the toys. In the commercial both the Falcon and Cobra Viper did not have a gun pod. These were prototype designs that were only used for the commercial. The Cobra glider had this very different design and was later scrapped. I was told the camo was shared on the production version to save cost. It was easier to have different colored styrofoam with the same applied pattern rather than having 2 different patterns. This glider closely replicates the pattern and as with the other gliders I have made, it was designed to be closer to the size seen in the comic and cartoon. It is made of a high grade plastic. It is not able to fly, as it was designed to have a really nice display quality. The back peg is designed to carry modern style figures. This is a D&J Toys item.

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