All: 50th VAMP
Gun: 25th VAMP

LBCs, or Lazy bastard customs, can sometimes be as fun to make as customs that require paint on every square inch and can be at least as challenging too.

When the 50th Anniversary line was released, I was happy to get another shot at the classic 25th anniversary VAMP tooling. The urban color pattern is an interesting look and I bought an extra set to remove the doors and roof and swap out the missile rack for the pom pom gun. Since I had to paint the gun support black, the VAMP is not a true LBC, but it is pretty close.

Duke came about when I was looking for away to re-purpose my spare Flint. It is a super simple head and gear swap, but it adds to my growing Joe urban assault squad. I still need to repaint the flesh on his forearms.

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