This custom was "made" from a CORPS! vehicle I picked up at Wal-Mart. I took a black marker and went around the cammo pattern to help it stand out. Then I added the "spraypainted" DREADNOK logo. After that, I used some CORA stickers from some scrap items. I then added some silver highligts with another Sharpie, and removed this odd 1/2 roof/net thing that made it impossible to have any room in the back. I plan on adding an engine cover from a COBRA Hydrofoil, if I can find one. This is a real simple conversion, try it yourself, and you'll see! GOOD LUCK!

Zartan's domain is the swampland of south Florida, and he rules them with an iron fist! His ruthless gang the DREADNOKS use high-tech vehicles provided by COBRA, as well as "chewin' gun and spit" contraptions like the THUNDER MACHINE, and the SWAMP RAT fast attck boat. This homemade monstrosity churns up the algea as it zips thru the murky waters, seaching out GI JOE recon patrols, or rival gangs tresspassing on DREADNOK territory!

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