ML: Mandroid, modded for 1/18 scale use

No story really needed - when the Red Lasers were challenged to combat by the Blue Lasers, the early returns fell in favor of the Blues. Dr. Bindy and Bucky realized early on that despite their superior intellects, better looks, physical prowess, and sweet shaved heads, it was the Blue Laser artillery which was making the difference.

Enter the Soul Crusher. Once Dr. Bindy remembered he had a killing machine named Knighthawk in his pocket, he sent the team of crack scientists (that's what you call the guys who make crack right?) to build something Knighthawk could ride into battle. The Soul Crusher was that thing. And Team Red Laser, once the Soul Crusher entered the fray, did just that. They demoralized the Blue Lasers and defeated them not only physically, but mentally as well.

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