Main: The Dark Knight Rises, The Bat
Main Cannons: Cobra Moray
Chin Gun: Pac Rat & H.I.S.S. II
Intakes: Tomahawk
Exhast & Struts: Retaliator

Procured from M.A.R.S. the Darkhawk Gunship is a VTOL aircraft that provides close air support for the Faulkner Group. The Darkhawk is armed with devastating twin 125mm auto-cannons as primary weapons. A secondary weapons system located under the cockpit has a 30KW laser linked directly to the pilot's Integrated Helmet Display and Sighting System (IHIDSS). Flanking the 30KW laser are two fix mounted 10KW lasers.
Larger than a Skyhawk, the Darkhawk's unique design gives it incredible agility for a VTOL of its size. The engines generate more power and greater speed. The surfaces are coated with radar absorbent materials and the body and flight surfaces were designed to help scatter radar waves.

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