All: ARAH Recon Sled with added cannons on the front

This vehicle was created as an add-on to the Anaconda Mobile Fortress for PHX Customs Resurgence II project.

I decided to build the Anaconda late in the project. Although the Clone Turbo Tank I found at a thrift store was missing some parts, it did include the speeder bike. When I started working on it, the Speeder Bike had to be replaced with something else. I wanted to use the compartment to launch a recon vehicle of some kind, but the Speeder is too iconic to Star Wars to fit in the Joe-verse. At first, I thought of a Cobra Ferret, but decided to create something new that was more in tune with the look of the Turbo Tank. I had an incomplete Recon Sled in my fodder box, so I started there.

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