GI JOE Rolling Thunder
Thunderclap Cannon
Scrap Iron missile launchers
Thunder Machine guns
Stun Wheel covers

I wanted to create something totally badass for Cobra just a rolling armoured fortress of death. A tank that could take out an Aircraft carrier if needed.
This was a fantastic amount of work. I had it build a support that would hold the cannon base level inside the Rolling Thunders body. Then I had to reshape the whole back so I could use the smaller rear guns. A ton of styrene was used to cover all the gaps so it looks like it's all one piece. The side guns are made from Scrap Irons missile launchers and Thunder Machine front guns. They are attached with small bolts so they can swivel. The Stun wheels covers just give it a real over the top Cobra look. It also has a fully functional top hatch as well as scratch built window armour and a ton a small paint details inside that unfortunately can't be seen. I have more hours in this than any other custom I've built. I'm very, very pleased with this one.

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