It's a Chap Mei helicopter that I painted with a light green.

Missile launcher from Backblast with Chap Mei missiles
Cannons from Equalizer

The Oktober Guard were in a need of a helicopter and this one just had Hind written all over it.

The X-Hind is a modified version of the Mi-35Hind that is an upgrade version of the Mi-24 Hind-D.

He is more lethal sporting a frontal 20 mm gun, two 30 mm cannons and three versatile missiles that have air to air and air to surface capabilities. On top of the rotors we can see a laser marker used to fire the missiles.

Manned by a pilot and a weapons officer. Both can pilot and fire weapons but the pilot seat is the second and the front position is dedicated to fire weapons,

It still has capability of transporting 3 fully equipped soldiers and all his weapons and munition at a speed of 200 mph.

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