Chap mei vehicle from the Adventure line.

Iron Grenadiers needed a fast and multi capable transport. Having this in mind the engineers presented to Laird Destro the Iron Dropship. It can take a squad of TARGATs into space and let them jump to their target. Or they can be used like helicopters to transport troops around the globe. Even Destro uses one designed specially for him as personal transport.

The engineers had in mind the Star Wars Dropship when they went to the project. The levitation technology is the same used at the Cobra Dropship, but with a steampunk and organic look.

The black on the belly of the ship is based on the same black we see in the old space shuttle and has a job to protect the ship on a re entry on our atmosphere, also it is one of the Iron Grenadier colors.

I'm still studying the possibility of adding a protection cannon, but not sure where. I don't want to ruin that organic look of the toy.

The rear hatch opens and can let the IGs come in and out, but it isn't big enough to carry a vehicle or more than 5 soldiers.

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