All: True Heroes with added torpedoes

''It's Joe's preferred sea vehicle for fast attacks against Cobra's swamp outpost! The high-speed water jets Joe into action over shallow waters. Twin barrel machine guns and side-mounted torpedoes destroy Cobra targets. Includes driver Footloose.''

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For Resurgence 1, I made a Cobra Moray colored True Heroes jet-ski that included an Eel. Although it was a very simple repaint, I always liked the base vehicle. Since I had originally bought 2, I knew I wanted to repaint the other into a Joe vehicle. The colors were picked to compliment the WHALE. If this thing existed in the Sunbow cartoon, I could easily imagine the whole craft launching from the WHALE for sea battles. This set was ready for Resurgence 2, but we decided to push it back to R3 since we had more than enough stuff to fill.

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