cheap inflatable pool toy boat found in garage

'00 Night Landing Craft parts & decals

other cheap plastic from $5 toy boat from Toys R Us

ultimate roadblock 50cal

pieces from junk Coastal Defender (the 50cal armour plate & piece with swiveling joint put into floor securing down gun mount; this was from the "radar" of the coastal defender)

gun mount from 50th AWE striker (desert duel)

railings from plastic tubing that comes with vehicle parts

a few pieces of styrene to wall-in the pilothouse

dark grey spray primer x2 coats

light sea grey Model Masters spray paint x2 coats

lots of Perfect Putty to bond things together

a bit of plastic weld, testors model glue and loctite super glue for other various adhesions (still new at this so was trial & error with glues)

3/4" & 1/4" black vinyl stickers found on Amazon

(Special Warfare Operations Reconnaissance & Deployment)

The S.W.O.R.D FISH is the first multi-function watercraft designed for the G.I. Joe Navy since the early-2000s.

It will replace the smaller DEVILFISH and N.L.C. The Joe Navy will deploy the craft for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) in and around foreign ports across the globe.
The craft can operate in brown, green or blue waters, and will be deployed to patrol shallow littoral regions beyond the harbors and bays. It can also conduct missions in the open ocean for protecting Joe defense forces.

Additionally, the S.W.O.R.D. FISH is ideal for coordinated efforts with Joe's Naval Special Warfare and Naval Special Operations operators such as Navy SEALs Wet-Suit & Torpedo.

It comes well-armed with a bow-mounted 50-calibre machine gun which can fully elevate, depress, and swing 360 degrees. It also comes outfitted with a starboard-mounted MK-46 torpedo tube for engaging any COBRA vessels it may encounter."

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