This was made from a Chap Mei Dino Hunter's helicopter. The engine/cover was made using a Nestle's Quick drink cylinder, CPVC fittings, and rubber grommets. I cut out pieces from a SW POTF2 AT-AT for the "doors" of the cargo pod. The cockpit console is from an Eaglehawk. The "chin" gun came from a The Corps! assault raft. Stickers from Cobra Stickers and left over stock stickers.

The Cobra Skycrane, first appearance in GIJOE Yearbook 2. This is a heavily modified Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane with armored plated cargo pod and a "chin" mounted double-barrel 30mm machine gun cannon. The machine gun turret houses both Target Acquisition and Designation (TAD), and Pilot Night Vision ( PNV) Systems. The cargo pod can be used as a mobile command base, mobile hospital, or troop transport. It can also carry small assault vehicle/crafts such as Cobra Stingers, Flight Pods, or Night Landing Crafts. Without the cargo pod, the Skycrane can transport (1) heavy assault crafts such as HISS Tank or Cobra Rage.

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