Corps! Boat

"It's the Joes preferred sea vehicle for fast attack on COBRA outposts! The high-speed twin fan engines jet Joes into action on the sea and on land. Deploy the hidden missile rack. Includes driver CUTTER! Other figures sold separately."

When I made the Devil S.H.A.R.C. for Resurgence 2, I accidentally dropped my first go around (before paint) on the tiled floor in my basement and cracked it. Needless to say, I was pretty peeved. I was fortunate enough to round up two more, which I scooped up as it's really an awesome looking little boat, and one of the cooler things I've seen come out from Lanard in a while.

I had the extra sitting around with the idea to paint it green. I didn't really have any intention making it for Resurgence 3 until farther along in the project. I decided it would best fit there as I don't forsee myself getting around to it anytime other than that.

The Cutter figure was an easy build that required a small amount of sculpting with the mustache, but a fairly basic build inspired by the DEF version, only with different colors.

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