Base: Heng Long Walker Bulldog RC Tank
Turret: Star Wars AT-AP Walker
Side Guns: GI Joe Armorbot legs with custom made barrels
Top Guns: Corps Elite First Response Patrol Boat Guns
Turret side weapons: Transformers Star Scream arms
Main gun: Heng Long orignal gun fused with Star wars AT-AP main gun
Misc pcs
Tank dimensions: 20in long x 9in wide x 11.5in tall!

This is a functioning RC tank converted into an over the top heavy gun assault tank from hell. I love combining and fabricating parts to create new inventions for my Joe Verse which I call Yesterdays Fallen. It's a labor of love that I really like sharing with everyone. The cool thing about this toy is that it's RC so you can take it outside and roll over just about anything in it's path. Fun stuff!

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