HISS Tank base
Tail and landing gear from Sigma 6 Dragon Hawk
Missile launchers Night Attack
Props from Lanard hovercraft
Misc missiles
Fabricated plastic coat hangers to hold props and launchers on
Diamond plate polystyrene

S.P.T.T.E.R. Submersible: Propelled Invasive Tank (Target/Evade/Recon)
This was a project that I got some help with from all the great guys at Joe Customs. I didn't have a concrete name for this when I posted it and gave an open invite for any input on it's functionality. DarkJedi came up with the name and Blood Brigade gave some great concept advice on it's function. With the amazing input this project really came to life as a land, air, water craft Known as the S.P.T.T.E.R.. Thanks to the guys for their help.

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