Recipe for M.A.C. :
Robosepien action figure base
Armadillo turret and side cannons
Back leg from Star Wars AT-AP Walker
Front wheels from True Heroes Missile Launcher
Rear wheels from VAMP
2007 Voyager Class Starscream right cannon arm
Other misc fodder

Ok so me and 2DARK2C came up with a concept for a wounded warriors project. He sent me some fodder and this is what I came up with. Huge thanks to 2DARK for all the support. Hope you all like it.

Meet Leon Rigs aka Gears and his special companion at arms M.A.C. : Mechanized Assault Combatant. Together they are unstoppable on the battle field. Gears lost his legs in an attack 4 years ago but vowed to get back in the fight anyway he could. No medical discharge for this tough son of a gun. When he was healed and able he went to work on M.A.C.. Within 2 years he had completed his ultimate wounded warrior weapon that would transport him into battle and victory! In his first mission as he sped into battle he yelled, "You took my legs but you didn't take my FIGHT!!!"

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