True Heroes Transport Plane - gutted and modified, repainted, and rebuilt interior.

Pilot seats are from a caster and I think they are originally sculpted as Death Star seats.

Kibble for flight controls

LED lighting added to interior.

One of my favorite toys I inherited from my older brother as a kid was the Big Jim airplane set. Basically a cheesy carrying case that unfolded to represent the interior of a plane. It was called the Sky Commander.

I wondered for years what to turn my True Heroes C-130 into, and then when I realized I had an unused shrunken Big Jim head in my stash, inspiration struck. I've had the plane mostly done for a while, but had not detailed the outside. Recently I finished that part.

The inside was gutted, from the seats in the cabin on back, to allow for an interior that kind of fits in with the Sky Commander adventure feel. I also added decals to show that, in my verse, Big Jim's team is a subset of the Adventure Team. So the tail fin shows both logos.

I have a modified story for Jim also, which I will delve into one of these days.

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