Made entirely from Bristol board, Card board, acrylic paint, markers, sharpie, x-acto blade, scissors my trusty glue gun and thrift store toy motorcycle wheels as rollers.

The Pangolin is an answer to the cobra buzz boar; they are currently being tested by G.I Joe's S.T.A.G team. Nimble and unbelievably tough, the middle tread of this tank further stabilizes the S.P.A.T to traverse on any terrain and is almost impossible to flip over. Although it is unable to borrow like the buzz boar, the Pangolin will survive a head on collision with its rival without a scratch. This mini tank can reach speeds of 70kph, equipped with 4 anti-tank smart missiles a 50 calibre dual laser canon and a radar dish.

G.I. Joe, S.T.A.G (System Testing Assault Group).
Admiral Keel haul, General Hawk, General Flagg and Colonel Courage elected to have a small strike team comprised of four Joes Flint, Roadblock, Snake-eyes and Shipwreck. The team's objectives are to test G.I. Joe prototype equipment and vehicles while performing land and water exploration, recon and small strike missions.

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