Made entirely from Bristol board, water bottle caps, Card board, acrylic paint, markers, Sharpie, x-acto blade, scissors and my trusty glue gun. Control stick made from thrift store toy motorcycle handle bar.

The Venture is the G.I. Joe S.T.A.G team's workhorse and their most sophisticated vehicle, an exploration submarine and sky assault vehicle in one, used mainly for reconnaissance and some exploration missions. Its design was heavily motivated by both the sky hawk and the ever versatile S.H.A.R.C. The highly nimble Venture can achieve a depth of 500m and with its two huge turbine rotors, reach speeds of 25knots. Likewise it can reach speeds of 155kph in the air. In case of trouble this S.E.A vehicle is equipped with twin nose laser canons and a 20mm single warp canon under both landing skis.

G.I. Joe, S.T.A.G (System Testing Assault Group).
Admiral Keel haul, General Hawk, General Flagg and Colonel Courage elected to have a small strike team comprised of four Joes Flint, Roadblock, Snake-eyes and Shipwreck. The team's objectives are to test G.I. Joe prototype equipment and vehicles while performing land and water exploration, recon and small strike missions.

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