Asp pod with custom canopy,
Hiss tank treads,
Water Moccasin rear end and turret,
Destro Dominator pod guns,
Major Blud rocket pistols and backpacks,
Apoxie sculpt,
Model accessories,

D.I.S.S. (Dreadnok Intense Speed Sentry)
Driven by Motornok.

When Dreadnoks have time to kill, they comb thru the depths of Cobra's wasteland junkyard of battle damaged vehicles and parts. Motornok had a dream of his own version of a Hiss tank. He found an old Python Patrol A.S.P. pod with no cannons or wheels and the lower half of a H.I.S.S. Tank and got the idea for a mini Hiss. It ended up roughly the same size, but much lighter. With a modified twin-supercharged Destro V-12, it's built for intense speed!

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