GI Joe SkySweeper, Cobrastickers Grim Reapers custom labels, white permanent marker

Just a customizing experiment that came out far better than expected. I bought the Grim Reapers custom Cobrastickers set for the Skystriker for another custom, and ended up not using the main squadron logo stickers as I'd expected.

Unfortunately, although I own one, have never been a big fan of the SkySweeper jet due to its lack of detail.It occurred to me that I could add the Grim Reapers squadron logos to the tailfins and wings of the SkySweeper to add more to its overall look.

After doing that, although I swore never to do so again, I used the white permanent marker to highlight all the lines on the wings and body of the Skysweeper, which turned out surprisingly tidy.

The end result is a pretty impactful combination of black, white and red.

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